Thursday, May 7, 2015

PJ's Birthday: Friend Party

We had Peyton's friend party the Friday before her birthday. We did a Doc McStuffins theme.

For decorations I got a Doc banner...

And a Doc balloon that was as big as Peyton!

I ordered unstuffed bears from Amazon. We had the kids stuff them and then give them a checkup.

I made these little checkup checklists to check off as they were doing the checkups.

The girls with their bears - Elsie Wood, Calla Howard, Brynn Goodrich, and Peyton.

And the boys with their bears - Rhys Howard and Corbyn.

We had cupcakes and pink Kool-aid. I decorated the cupcakes with figurines from the Doc McStuffins Busy Book Peyton got for Christmas. 

For party favors we gave Doc cups, Doc stickers, and a Doc fruit snack. 

It was a fun party celebrating our big 3 year old!


tracy said...

What a fun idea, to have the kids make their own bears then give them check ups with the cute list you made! I love it!

You are amazing! :)