Saturday, May 30, 2015

Logan's Blessing

We blessed Logan on May 3rd. We were grateful to have many family members come to be there for his special day. Especially Roger's parents who came all the way from Colorado and his grandparents who came from St. George (not an easy trip for them anymore).

We blessed him in our ward and he was the only baby blessed that day - as opposed to the 5 babies blessed the day we blessed Peyton!

Those in the circle were Logan's:

Great Grandpa Phillips
Great Grandpa Ririe
Grandpa Phillips
Grandpa Ririe
Uncle Taylor
Uncle Anthony
Mom's Uncle Kevin Ririe
Mom's Cousin Taylor Ririe

As well as Bishop Palmer and Cory Wood.

Roger gave him a wonderful blessing. He blessed him with an eternal perspective to be a guiding force in his life, to be healthy and strong, to be able and willing to serve a faithful mission, and to be able to find a wonderful girl to go to the temple with. He told him he is loved, that he will be watched over as he does what is right, and that his Heavenly Father and parents care for him. He said that he is a chosen son of God here to do great things and blessed him with the ability to do those things. Finally he blessed him to be a kind person, to help those in need, and to uplift those around him.

He was blessed in the same outfit Corbyn was blessed in. While we were taking pictures of him, he had perfect timing with one of his very first smiles.

After the blessing we had a brunch at our house. We had Applesauce Oat Muffins, Banana Zucchini Muffins (from Our Best Bites' Savoring the Seasons cookbook), Potato and Bacon Casserole, Strawberries, Pineapple, and Bananas with Fluffy Orange Fruit Dip (from the original Our Best Bites cookbook), Mixed Berry Salad, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, and Chocolate Milk.

We attempted a family photo - it turned out a little silly, but I kind of love it.

It was a great blessing day!


tracy said...

Darling family photo! I remember when Corby was blessed you said something like he was thinking "I am a Blessed get me out of this outfit!" :)

Mom Lori said...

Good timing on the smiles lil' bundle of love <3