Thursday, November 5, 2015

7 Months

Logan turned 7 months on October 18th. On the 17th he officially figured out how to crawl and then  on the 18th he pulled himself up to standing for the first time in his crib. (He had pulled himself up to standing once before, but out of his crib.) I thought he was asleep and just randomly turned on the monitor to check on him and was shocked to see him standing up!

Logan at 7 months:

*Is doing much better at eating solids. He doesn't like to be spoon fed, but will eat baby food out of pouches. He does great "chewing" food, so I usually just feed him small pieces of whatever I'm eating.
*Is getting on a much more reliable schedule.
*Takes 2 naps a day. And they are finally getting longer! WOOT!
*Can get from his tummy to sitting up by himself.
*Just started pulling himself up to standing.
*Finally figured out how to crawl after spending the whole month learning.
*LOVES being outside.

Logan's 7th month in pictures...

Corbyn and Peyton thought it would be funny to put some of Corbyn's underwear on Logan.

Hanging out at one of Corbyn's soccer games.

Eating a banana - gotta love mesh feeders for beginning eaters.

He spent the month getting really messy as he learned to eat solids...

And getting stuck under things while he tried to figure out how to crawl.

Nothing better than a happy baby in the morning.

All bundled up for a morning walk.

Brave little guy going down the slide with Corbyn.

If he can ever get his hands on a wipe, he loves to suck on them. I don't let him, but took a picture before taking it away this one time, so I could remember.

Half the month was spent with his bum in the air.

He loves being outside. I always put him on a blanket, but without fail he always ends up off the blanket within minutes.

First time pulling himself up to standing.

He loves standing. I'd be surprised if he beats Peyton's record of learning to walk at 9 months, but I don't think he'll waste any time learning.

We love this little guy so much!


Megan Goodrich said...

He's so smiley! What a cute little guy!

tracy said...

He is too cute! And I've never even met him! Boo! I've been to Logan, I've lived in Logan, but I haven't met Logan!