Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ghoulish Feast

Another year, another ghoulish feast!

For our menu, I modified one I found here.

Jack-O-Lantern Juice (I saw this on Pinterest, but didn't pin it, so I can't link to it. They were actually really quick and easy using my Silhouette to cut the vinyl faces and then using transfer tape to stick them on.) 

Sinister Chips and Salsa (I put some black beans in the guacamole to make it sinister.)

Haunted Salad (I do this one - and the Spooky Squash - every year now.)

Rice and Blood with Devil Tail Meatballs (Our favorite sweet and sour meatballs with devil tail toothpicks stuck in them - I just put some toothpicks in red food coloring for a few days, cut out triangles with my Silhouette, and glued them on with my trusty glue gun.)  

I think it turned out to be a pretty fun Halloween spread!


Mom Lori said...

It was fun and delicious too :)