Wednesday, November 18, 2015


We had some fun Halloween FHE activities the weeks leading up to Halloween. One week we played Halloween Bingo.

And had dirt and worms for our treat. (The Oreo was supposed to be a tombstone, but it didn't end up looking like I had imagined.)

The next week we carved our pumpkins. Rog and the kids cleaned them out.

And then I carved them. We did a Wizard of Oz theme this year for our pumpkins and our costumes. Logan's pumpkin was the Lion, Corbyn's pumpkin was the Tin Man, and Peyton's pumpkin was Dorothy and Toto (although she dressed up as Glinda).

I had to take pictures of the kids in their Halloween pajamas - one mummy and two skeletons.

And their Halloween outfits too. 

Logan is so much easier to photograph than the other two (for now).

After doing our ghoulish feast the Sunday before Halloween, I decided to do some fun Halloween lunches. It's so easy to turn a normal lunch into a Halloween lunch with some cookie cutters. I cut out quesadillas, apple slices, cucumbers (they didn't eat them, but it was worth a try), PB&J sandwiches, and cheese sandwiches in fun Halloween shapes. We also had mummy pizzas, candy corn pizza (for dinner one night), swamp yogurt, and jack-o-lantern tangelos.

Peyton got to dress up for dance on Wednesday and for preschool on Thursday. Friday morning we went to the Halloween parade at Rees Elementary. It was so fun seeing Corbyn walk by with his class.

Friday night Cailey invited us to the Qualitrics Halloween party. Since Rog was in Baltimore on another fellowship interview, I gladly accepted. They had dinner, dancing, face painting, balloons, and so much candy. Peyton got her face painted like Minnie Mouse and got a Minnie Mouse balloon.

Corbyn got his face painted half Spider-Man and half BYU and got a monkey balloon (not pictured).

Saturday morning I was frantically finishing up my costume. Because I was in such a rush at the end, I did a terrible job on the zipper. I was able to cover it up by wearing a cardigan, but I'm going to have to go back and fix it because I know I can do better.


I had planned to do a dinner in a pumpkin for dinner, but ran out of steam after spending every spare second that week sewing my costume (Rog says I'm not allowed to sew my own costume ever again). So we had mummy hot dogs and Caramel Toffee Fruit Dip (with Halloween sprinkles) instead. (And we had the Dinner in a Pumpkin a few days later after I'd recovered.)

I think Corbyn enjoyed getting his face painted gray for trick-or-treating.

Grandma Lori was a good sport and dressed up as the Wicked Witch to complete our Wizard of Oz theme. (We tried to get Papa George to be the Wizard of Oz and Jared and Cailey to be flying monkeys, but they wouldn't go for it.) I made sure we got a picture before going out trick-or-treating. Some parts of our costumes I made and other parts I bought, but I feel like they all came together perfectly.

I'm so grateful Rog will dress up with me. He even let me paint his face.

We went to a few houses in our neighborhood, but then went up by my parent's house for the majority of our time since no one is ever home in our neighborhood.

While we were out trick-or-treating we saw a Toto dog running around. I had to pick him up for a picture. He nearly bit off my hand, but it was worth it.

Logan the lion was more interested in the scarecrow's straw than getting candy.

Cutest little Lion ever!

The kids decided to sell most of their candy to a dentist in Springville that was buying it to send to the troops. They each got $1.50. We matched that, so they each had $3 to pick out a little toy. Corbyn got a Transformer and Peyton got a Little Pony. It worked out perfectly - they got to enjoy some candy, but then it wasn't sitting around the house for weeks!

It was a pretty great Halloween!


Mom Lori said...

WOW - You continue to amaze me daughter dear with how much you accomplish!

What a SCARY looking witch!

The photo of Logan eating the straw is priceless :)

tracy said...

Just adorable...all of you! You may have truly outdone yourself, Shauna! Great job on Halloween!
Guess where I was? Well, at least we had one cool nurse who dressed up like "Zombie Nurse". My room mate and I threatened to have an apple bob in our sink. Good times!

tracy said...

Ha, ha, you and the dog! :) Glad you survived...and got a good pic!

Rachel said...

My girls have Peyton's same Halloween shirt! And you are seriously amazing for putting together all those costumes. I've decided for my sanity that Halloween will be "choose anything you want from the dress-up baskets." Lamest mom ever.