Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 Goals


1. Read 24 books including 12 from this reading challenge.

2. Run Ragnar So Cal.
3. Spend time each Sunday studying the gospel in addition to my normal scripture study.
4. Go through our house as we pack and not move anything we don't need and/or love.

In addition to my 4 goals, I'm going to focus on 2 words: maintain and faith. Maintain as in stay caught up (on my blog, budget, cleaning the house, etc) rather than letting myself get behind and constantly playing catch up. And faith (not fear) because I spent so much of 2015 battling anxiety. I learned that your own mind can be a very scary place to be and your mind can do crazy things to your body. Now I'm ready to learn how to control my mind, so I don't have to be in that scary place and let my mind damage my body.


1. Graduate with his MBA and MHA.
2. Run Ragnar So Cal.
3. Find a house in Oregon.
4. Read 4 fiction books.


1. Learn to count to 100. (He's already mostly there. Just needs a little more practice to really get it down.)
2. Make new friends in Oregon.
3. Learn to catch a baseball.
4. Learn to tie his own shoes.


1. Learn to write her name.
2. Make new friends in Oregon.
3. Learn to sleep in her own bed all night.
4. Learn to ride her bike without training wheels.


1. Learn to sleep through the night.
2. Learn to walk.
3. Go to nursery without a fight.
4. Learn to talk. (At least a few words.)

Our family goals:

1. Make our wills.
2. Add clothing/supplies to our 72 hour kits.
3. Plant a garden.
4. Go to the temple and go on a date once a month.

This is the year we're actually going to accomplish those 2 pesky family goals we've been making for years!


Mom Lori said...

Nice job on the goal setting :)