Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Rog's birthday was on a Tuesday this year. The U hadn't started for the semester yet, but Corbyn and Peyton both had school. 

We started the day out with presents. 

He got a TMNT game for Nintendo DS (want), Survival of the Savvy (need), a tie (wear), and A Future as Bright as Your Faith (read).

We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 

After Corbyn got out of school, Rog took him to see the new Star Wars movie. 

Then they met us at Chick-fil-A for dinner. (Our first time eating at our new Spanish Fork Chick-fil-A!) After dinner we had ice cream in homemade waffle cones and Rog opened a surprise present from me - I finally hemmed his jeans that he'd been waiting for me to hem for over a month!

And we finished off the day watching Mission: Impossible - Rouge Nation while folding laundry.

It was a fun day celebrating my favorite January 5th birthday boy!