Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rest of December

The day after Christmas we went to see The Peanuts Movie. My mom came with us and I'm pretty sure all 3 of us adults fell asleep at some point in the movie (and Logan too), but the kids enjoyed it.

We also went to Hallmark to check out their half price ornaments. Rog got the genie (from Aladdin) and I got a tiny camper.

My parents got Corbyn and Peyton Lego Advent Calendars (Lego City and Lego Friends) at the beginning of December. They had fun building a little set each day.

I didn't want them to just get mixed in with all our other Legos, so I cut out the directions and put them in baggies to go in our advent calendar pockets for future years.

Rog's cousin, Amanda, got married on December 30th. We went to the reception that night at Noah's Event Center in South Jordan. When we got there I realized that my friend, Stacey, had her reception there when Corbyn was about Logan's age. I went back and found a picture of Corbyn from that night and it just so happened that they were both wearing the same sweater!

Corbyn and Peyton's favorite thing to do for the past few months has been to wrestle with Rog. I found Corbyn looking at his new Avenger Storybook Collection one day. He said he was looking for new moves to beat up dad! 

They also looked through Peyton's new Princess Storybook Collection, but I don't think they were as successful at finding moves in there.

Monkey Peyton hanging from the top bunk in her new outfit from Grandma Dixie.

Rog's parents had come for Amanda's wedding, so we all got together for egg rolls on New Year's Eve. I normally cut the recipe in half because it makes a ton, but Tay and Martha didn't realize that and doubled the recipe! 

After egg rolls the cousins enjoyed some ice cream.

And then after we got the kids to bed, we played games and had dips (Fluffy Orange Dip with fruit, Fancy Salsa with tortilla chips, and Brownie Batter Dip with Oreos) with my mom, Jared, and Cailey.  


Mom Lori said...

The appetizers were yummy!

Love the photos ;)