Saturday, April 30, 2016

13 Months

As with the other kids, I will continue to post monthly updates for Logan until he's 2. 

Logan at 13 months:

*Got 3 new teeth on the top - one of his central incisors and both lateral incisors.
*Points when he wants something.
*Mostly just jibber jabbers and usually it's dada, but Rog was gone for a few days and he was saying mama a lot more during that time, so I think he may get that Rog is dada and I am mama, but it's hard to know for sure!
*Plays fetch.
*Has the cutest little wave. He won't do it all the time, but when he does, it totally melts my heart.
*Like our other kids, he is not a fan of milk. He'll eat oatmeal made with milk and he loves graham crackers dipped in milk, but he won't just drink it. So he gets to eat a lot of pudding and yogurt. 
*Discovered fruit snacks and is a huge fan. 
*Always wants to hold a comb when I am doing Peyton's hair and loves to sword fight with me.

We had our friend, Tara Stephenson, give him his first haircut because he was starting to get a rattail and I am not one of those moms who waits forever for that first haircut. If it starts to look bad, it's gone! He did great with the clippers.

He loves lasagna! My parents sent us this picture when they were watching our kids while we were running Ragnar. They were so amazed he finished off at least a piece and a half by himself!

Sometimes he lets me brush his teeth without a fuss and other times he puts up more of a fight.

He's started to insist he feed himself which makes for the hugest mess, but it keeps him happy and busy for at least a few minutes.

Poor baby had the most terrible eye infection in both eyes (the doctor said it was one of the worst cases she has ever seen). When I took him in, he also had an ear infection in both ears! He wasn't even acting very bad or I would have taken him in sooner.


Mom Lori said...

This chick sure misses him!

Two new teeth!

Love that lil' cutie <3

Megan Goodrich said...

Yay for updates! You have a busy couple of months! Everything I am reading about Logan is reminding me so much of Ivy. A fun stage for us for sure. He is a cutie!