Tuesday, August 2, 2016

16 Months

Logan at 16 months:

*Folds his arms for prayers.
*Got his final lateral incisor on the bottom as well as two molars on top. I knew he was getting the bottom one because I could see it coming in, but had no idea about the molars until I was playing with him and spotted them when he was upside down.
*Can climb all the way up the ladder on Corbyn's loft bed and loves to play up there. He hasn't figured out how to get down (other than calling for mama) though.
*Likes to go down slides backwards on his tummy like he goes down stairs.
*Imitates me when I'm calling for Peyton or Corbyn. Cutest thing ever.
*Points to his head and belly button when we ask him where they are.
*Says bee bo (from Sandra Boynton's Belly Button Book) when he points to his belly button.
*Says knock, knock when he knocks on doors.
*Does the cutest monkey/gorilla impression where he beats his chest with his fists and grunts.
*Figured out that I am mama and Rog is dada. He also says mama pretty much anytime he wants or needs something.
*Is officially done with pouches and only eats table food with us. (He'd probably still eat them, but I figured it was about time he be done.)
*Loves to be up on our kitchen counter pretty much anytime we are in the kitchen and whines until we put him up there.
*Climbs in his stroller anytime we're in the garage and he wants to go for a walk.
*Got his first haircut from mom.

He's been loving playing with any kind of water.

Backwards tummy sliding in action.

He is almost too adorable when he folds his arms.

He loves corn on the cob and insists he eat it just like us, without any help.

He is a very naughty boy at the store most of the time, but usually makes up for it with his pure adorableness.

He is my very best laundry helper.

Up on Corbyn's bed and so proud of himself!


Roger Phillips said...

He's a handful, but at least he's very cute.

Lori Ririe said...

Such an adorable lil' guy :)

I need a hug from you Logan . . . or maybe one hundred hugs!