Thursday, August 18, 2016

17 Months

Logan is 17 months old TODAY! Yes, today. 

Logan at 17 months:

*Says ball and goes to get a ball when we ask where one is. Ball is most definitely his favorite (and most used) word right now.
*Has been going to nursery for the past couple of weeks. We were able to sneak him in little early because the nursery in our new ward is pretty small. He cries for a minute or two when we drop him off, but they say he calms down pretty quickly and does fine.
*Walks up and down stairs while holding my hand.
*Wakes up earlier than we'd like (usually somewhere between 6:45 and 7:15), but takes a good long afternoon nap (about 2 hours).
*Goes to get his shoes when we ask him to or when he notices we're getting ready to go somewhere.
*Is a good helper when we're cleaning up toys.
*Can open doors (with the doorknobs that pull down, not the ones that turn). I have to make sure our front door is locked or he will escape!
 *Likes to look at books, but still doesn't love being read to. He wants to hold the book and turn the pages at his own pace.
*Points to his nose and our noses when we ask where his nose is.
*Knows his bed time and nap time routine - water, pick books, go into Mom and Dad's room to read, sing a couple songs, and lay down. If we give him his water and say it's nap or bed time, he'll walk right into his room to pick a couple books and then walk into our room to read them.
*Has just started loving Buzz. (Hooray! Our shameless attempts to brainwash him into loving Toy Story are working.) He's got the Bu part down, but is still working on saying the zz part, so we hear a lot of Bu Bu. His Buzz and Woody Little People have quickly become his favorite toys and today we were playing a fun game where he'd bring me a Buzz stuffed animal, I'd say "To Infinity and Beyond," and throw Buzz across the room. Then he'd go get it and we'd repeat over and over again. 

He loves blackberries and can eat them almost as fast as I can pick them.

We got him a booster seat, so he could graduate from his high chair and join the family at the table for dinner!

He's our fish baby. (I should say Toddler, but he's still my baby!)

He loves this slide at the pool.

All ready for an afternoon at the beach!

Sitting next to me watching the big kids play at the park.

He insisted I share my Huckleberry Cheesecake ice cream with him. He's lucky he's so cute - it was good!

A few of his favorite books to look through right now.

He gets so so mad when the kids are getting ready for swim lessons and he's still in his clothes.

Today he woke up at 6:00 which is early even for him. Rog got up with him and they played with the dress up box which I'm sure was a whole lot more fun than whatever he would have done if I had got up with him!

Woody and Buzz!