Friday, June 1, 2012


Our Memorial Day weekend was in one word - busy! On Saturday we started the day with a ward breakfast/service project and we did not stop going the rest of the day! Errands, work on our cars, celebrating PJ's 1 month birthday, dinner with my parents at Pizza Pie Cafe, and a highly competitive game of Chicken Foot.

Memorial Day started out with our annual Ririe Pancake Breakfast up Mill Creek Canyon.

Peyton spent the breakfast bundled up in her stroller. A spring baby = no warm hats, so we had to improvise a little.

Corbyn loved exploring the great outdoors with his dad.

After the breakfast we went to visit my Grandpa Ford's grave. Corbyn stole a pinwheel off a grave. We didn't know where he stole it from, so we couldn't exactly return it and we figured he was enjoying it more than the owner was anyway...

We visited my Grandma Ford and stopped to do some errands at the University Mall on our way back. (Rog and I followed through with our goal to update our wardrobes - We both got new shirts at Aeropostale!)

Then we stopped at the Provo Cemetery to visit my Grandma Joan's grave. Peyton is named after her, so we made sure to get a picture.

It was very bright!

We ended the day with a barbecue with the Petrosinos.

And the busyness didn't end there. This week we've had something going on every single night and this weekend we are blessing Peyton! Aiyiyi!!
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Roger said...

Way too busy. Next Memorial Day we are having a a nap time for the whole family.

Mom Lori said...

Hehe - great idea Roger!

Glad I was there for most of the weekend activities - We got some cute photos of The Corb :)

Mom Lori said...

. . . and of Peyton too!

tracy said...

Loving the pinwheel story!