Friday, June 8, 2012

Five on Friday

1. The other night Rog and I watched We Bought a Zoo. I thought it sounded dumb (just the name - I hadn't heard anything else about it), but I ended up really liking it! I especially loved how the little girl says, "We bought a zoo!" in her cute little excited voice. I've been saying it to Rog all week!

2. Peyton is now wearing her 0-3 month clothes, so I had her wear her Little Sister shirt and Corbyn wear his Big Brother shirt on the same day. I'll have to get a better picture when I have Rog home to help. Poor Peyton looks (and probably was) terrified!

3. I made Hashbrown Quiche for dinner the other night. Corbyn always eats a lot of it, but this time he ate just shy of half the pan (in one sitting). That was more than what Rog and I ate combined! He kept asking for "more" and because we thought it was so cute ("more" is a new word for him), he got as much as he wanted!

4. Rog has a new toy - an iPad 3 purchased with his Christmas and birthday money. He's been wanting one all year, but he made himself wait until after he took the GMAT. He takes it to work with him and does FaceTime with Corbyn while we are having lunch.

5. Last night we went to Target to get Corbyn a Buzz helmet to go with the Buzz tricycle he is getting for his birthday. I wanted to try it on him before we bought it and Target's website said it was available at the Orem store. When we got there, it was nowhere to be found and the workers we ever so unhelpful. The whole experience made me very mad!
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Mom Lori said...

Hopefully it's okay that we just "went" to a zoo - haha

Love the photo of Corby holding Peyton even if she does look a little terrified :)

Corby is fortunate to have a Mom who cooks so well!

Yes Roger! Glad you were patient and now can enjoy your iPad - WOOT!

Boo Target :(