Thursday, June 14, 2012

Seven Peaks

Last Friday afternoon we went to Seven Peaks for the first time this season. It was the highlight of our weekend.

Everyone has a Pass of All Passes this year. Seriously everyone. We were worried it would be too packed. But it actually wasn't that bad. And we noticed that the longer we were there, the less crowded it got. So we'll probably go in the evenings from now on.

Rog stayed in the shade with Peyton most of the time while Corby and I hung out like we did last summer. After only a few minutes of being there, he was already more brave than he was at the end of last summer. I'm predicting that by the end of this summer he'll be brave enough to go down this slide alone, but for now he still wanted his mommy to come with him. And I'm ok with that.

I took him down one of the big slides on a tube with me. When the worker pushed us down, he accidentally spun us so we were facing backwards the whole time. I was terrified that we were going to tip over, but somehow we lived to tell the tale.

We dipped Peyton's toes in the pool, but we'll save her first real swim for later this summer. She was styling in her cute little swimsuit and coverup.

We hit up Taco Bell for dinner on our way home. I forgot to pack a change of clothes for Corbyn, so he got to go in his swim shorts with no top. I guess when you're this cute, "no shirt, no shoes, no service" doesn't apply.

Here's to many more times braving the crowds at Seven Peaks this summer!
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Roger said...

It sure was fun.

Mom Lori said...

Corby's sure brave to go down the tube slide with you - Go Corby!

Peyton doesn't seem to miss not being part of the "water" action too much :)