Friday, August 10, 2012

Five on Friday

1. On Sunday I gave Rog his first official bald guy haircut - meaning I cut it with a 1 all over. It's pretty short and it took us both a few days to get used to it, but it was time. I still think he's pretty dang good looking and that's all that matters.

{Insert picture of Rog with short hair here. I took one last night, but it was late and in bad lighting. So you'll just have to be in suspense for a few days until I get a better one.}

2. On Tuesday we went up to Sandy to have a barbecue with Zack, Emily, and Elise. The adults had fun catching up, Corbyn and Elise had fun playing together (for the most part), and Peyton won her way into her Uncle Zack and Aunt Emily's hearts.

3. Yesterday I saw on Facebook that Jimmy Johns was having $1 subs from 11-3. Instead of going around the corner to our Jimmy Johns in Spanish Fork, we drove to the Provo location and met Rog for lunch. After waiting in a long line to get our subs, we took them to KLAS and ate in Rog's office. Corbyn's favorite part of the outing was playing with all the balls Rog has in his office.

4. Last night we didn't have anything going on, so we decided to go get a snow cone. We took a cup for Corbyn and shared some of our large snow cone with him. After a few bites, Rog accidentally knocked the whole thing over spilling it on my shorts, legs, and flip flops. Awesome, right?

5. After only a week of reading, I am already 41% done with 11/22/63. (I'm reading it on the Kindle, so that's how I know the exact percentage.) I'm loving it! Although I've been doing most of my reading after the Olympics, so I've been staying up WAY TOO LATE!
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Rachel said...

Wow, you are reading it so fast. I'm impressed!!

Mom Lori said...

Anxious to see Rog's new haircut!

I bet it was tough for Peyton to win her way into Uncle Zack's and Aunt Emily's hearts - NOT

Subs for $1 - WOOT - Now we know what Roger does when he gets bored at work - hehe

What a sad end to the snow cone story :(

Are you reading 11/23/63 when you get done with that book? Get more sleep girl!

Roger said...

As you can tell, Chief was really excited when I spilled the snow cone. Peyton thought it was funny.