Friday, August 24, 2012

Five on Friday

1. Because Corbyn always has a cold (gotta love nursery), we decided we should try to do something about it. After an epic fail with regular kid multivitamins, we got him the gummy kind with extra Vitamin C. Here's to hoping they help!

2. I narrowly escaped being eaten alive by a huge Husky dog on my run the other night. I'm pretty sure the owner heard me screaming like a little girl and called the ravenous animal back. Huskies were becoming my favorite dogs thanks to many positive experiences with Kenzie and Irving's Huskies, but I'm not so sure now.

3. I finished 11/22/63 on Wednesday night. 853 pages in less than 3 weeks - that's got to be some kind of a personal record for me! I absolutely loved it. Read it, you won't be sorry!

4. Yesterday I hosted dinner group at our house. I grilled pizza on the BBQ. I was so stressed about it all day long because Rog was going to be at his softball game while I had to be cooking it - not to mention taking care of both kids at the same time. Mariah came over a little early to help and it turned out great.

5. Today I discovered that there is a Lost Cities app. Within minutes Zack and I were playing a game. We used to play all the time when we both lived in Provo. Now we can play whenever we want even though he is halfway across the country in Wisconsin. Gotta love technology!
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Mom Lori said...

I prefer the gummy kind too - Hope they help!

Glad you survived the encounter with the Husky!

How did you read that much in addition to taking care of your young family? AMAZING!

Grilled pizza - Yum!

Hurray for the internet - You'll have to show me how to play.

Love the photo - hehe :)

tracy said...

Awwwww, sad about the Husky.....well, i alwasy knew you had to get a Collie! Best dogs in the world and great with kids!

Diana, Jason, and Blake said...

What is 11/22/63? I'll have to find out about it from you. I could use a good new book to read.