Thursday, August 23, 2012

St. George in the Sun

Because my parents are moving next year, we decided to go down to St. George for one last weekend with the pool. (We'll go down again before they move, but not while the pool is open.)

The weather was much more typical of St. George this trip (hot, hot, hot!), so we got to enjoy lots of pool time.

We also:

*Went to the temple.

*Got to spend some time with KD and Grandma Dixie because they were down in St. George too. It was KD's birthday, so we celebrated Texas Roadhouse style.

*Played a game of Phase 10 that we almost finished.

*Went to Kneaders for some all-you-can-eat french toast. YUM!

*Played at the splash pad.

Corbyn had a blast.

As did Peyton! (Check out those chunky legs!)

*Had a pizza party.

Unfortunately Corbyn's typical cold turned really bad Saturday night. He was up all night long with labored breathing and an awful cough. Rog was a champ and took care of him, so I could sleep and take care of Peyton (who was by far the easier child that night).

{Sunday morning, finally getting some sleep.}

It was a fun trip even with Corbyn getting sick at the end! (He is doing much better now.)
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Mom Lori said...

Thanks so much for coming down for a visit!

We made lots of fun memories :)

Glad The Corb is doing much better!

Good job photographer :)

Roger said...

My little boy is so cool. Good thing we like him.