Friday, August 31, 2012

Five on Friday

1. On Sunday I made the most delicious orange cream cupcakes. I tried one when they were still kind of warm and thought they were just ok, but then I let them cool and had another. Oh my gosh, AMAZING!

2. Corbyn learned how to say, "I'm hungry" this week. It is helpful (when he's actually hungry), but he tries to use it as an excuse to stay up longer when we are putting him to bed. And so it begins!

3. It's been a little cooler in the mornings, so I've started taking the double running stroller out for runs with both kids. Talk about a total body workout!

4. I finished and ordered our 2011 blog book from this week. I had to order by midnight Tuesday night, so I could get 20% off. I barely made it - I clicked "Checkout" at 11:58! It felt so good to finally be able to take that off my to do list. And now I can't wait for it to get here!

5. We were supposed to go to on a date to float the Provo River this afternoon, but we were rained out. I was pretty disappointed, but a flower from my husband, Papa Johns for dinner (with buy one get one free breadsticks because the cougars won yesterday), and We Bought a Zoo (yes, again) from Redbox saved the night.


Mom Lori said...

Don't suppose you have any cupcakes left . . .

It's fun to hear Corby talk more - Good job Corby!

Nice workouts - Go girl!

Blog books are awesome :)

Glad your "date at home" was fun and delicious - Nice going with the flower Roger!