Monday, January 28, 2013

9 Months

Peyton's 9 month stats:

Weight: 20 pounds, 4 ounces (75th percentile)
Height: 28 inches (75th percentile)

PJ at 9 months:

*Is slimming down. (She was in the 90th percentile for weight at 6 months.)
*Can stand alone for long periods of time.
*Loves to walk around with her walker and anything else she can use as a walker.
*Shakes her head "no."
*Can stand up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything.
*Has serious separation anxiety. I absolutely cannot take a shower when she is awake unless Rog is home. (We've got into a routine where I shower while she takes her first nap and during that time Corbyn gets to watch a show. He begs me all morning to put her down for her nap.)
*Wants to be held almost the entire time I am making dinner.
*Will only let us feed her baby food if she is holding something interesting.
*Loves her baby dolls and Corbyn's Buzz - but she's in big trouble if he ever catches her playing with Buzz (or any of his other toys for that matter)!
*Loves sucking on wash cloths in the bath.
*Has figured out how to drink water from a sippy cup.
*Is in constant motion. Doesn't like to sit still for anything - especially diaper changes and getting dressed.

We love our little mover!
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Mom Lori said...

She is a total Sweetheart - Love her TONS <3

Love Corby TONS too - glad you included some comments about Corby :)

Love Roger and Shauna TONS too!

Mom Lori said...

Peyton is so fortunate to have her very own "bow maker" - Cute outfit :)

Roger Phillips said...

She is so cute.

The Goodrich's said...

That IS a cute outfit. What are you going to do when she doesn't take her morning nap? Hopefully she won't be so attached, huh?