Friday, January 18, 2013

Five on Friday

1. The kids got sick this week with runny noses and a cough. Peyton also had extremely goopy eyes, so I took her to the doctor on Wednesday. Sure enough both eyes were infected as well as one ear. Corbyn (not to be left out) also had a slight ear infection, but not bad enough to have to have antibiotics.

2. After giving Peyton 2 doses (out of 20) of her oral antibiotics, the bottle somehow got knocked off the table and all of it ended up on the floor, my pants, and Corbyn. Luckily the pharmacist took pity on me and gave me a huge discount when I was filling the prescription for the second time.

3. Peyton has a serious hatred for her antibiotics. It takes two of us to hold her down and force the medicine down her throat while she tries to spit it out. It's a similar story with the eye drops. We have to pry her eye open and sneak a drop in. And to think, we have to do the oral antibiotics for 7 more days... 

4. We had a professional organizer come talk to us for a Relief Society activity this week. She said that 10% of people are born organizers - I think I fit in that group - so it wasn't as beneficial for me as it was for others, but I did get some ideas.

5. Corbyn was supposed to go to the dentist on Thursday, but I had to call and reschedule it because he was still sick. Of course as soon as I called he started acting a whole lot better. If he were a little older I would think he was faking it (so he wouldn't have to go), but fortunately I think we still have a few years before he does that.

{Sorry no pictures this week. Nose wiping, medicine forcing, and doctor going doesn't exactly motivate me to take pictures.}


Jana said...

Sounds terrible. This time of year I feel like we have perpetual sickness in our house. Hopefully next week is better!

tracy said...

i dunno...i think those pictures might be interesting!

Hope the kiddos feel better soon!

tracy said...

i could seriously use that organizer lady. Seriously.

tracy said...

About 1/2 of the stuffery in our house and garage could be removed and we would never miss it. More than half!

Hope you are all doing good!

Mom Lori said...

I saw Peyton getting medicine and believe me - it wasn't pretty! Glad she's done with the pink stuff by now!