Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve was quite eventful for us this year.

First thing we headed up to Salt Lake, so I could go to the temple. Rog had gone earlier in the month, but I needed to get my December visit in before the new year. Most temples are closed on Mondays, but the Salt Lake temple is open just in the morning. (The Provo temple is also usually open Monday mornings, but was closed for cleaning that day.) When we got there I realized I didn't have my temple bag. Rog had taken it downstairs for me and I mistakenly thought he had put it in the car. I was doing initiatory anyway, so I didn't need my temple clothes, but my temple recommend was in there as well as some clothes I had packed to change into after the temple. I was able to have them look me up and call our bishop to let me in, so other than having to wear my skirt all day, everything worked out just fine.

While I was in the temple, Rog walked around Temple Square with the kids. One of the highlights for Corbyn was seeing the Christus in the Visitors' Center. It had been much too crowded to see it while we were there seeing the lights before Christmas.

After I got out of the temple, we picked up Grandma Lori and went over to Discovery Gateway. I had been wanting to take Corbyn there for awhile. He had a great time checking everything out. There was so much for him to do and explore!

Even Peyton got in on the fun after she woke up from her nap in the stroller.

Then we met my dad and grandma at Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. We thought it would be a good place to take the kids because you don't have to wait for your food and we were right. And who doesn't love the scones at Chuck-A-Rama!

That evening Bill and Mariah (and Charlotte!) came over for appetizers and treats to ring in the new year. Corbyn had fallen asleep on the way home from Salt Lake, so he got to stay up a little past his normal bedtime although he definitely didn't make it all the way to midnight! We played some games, watched the ball drop, and then called it a night.

I was sad to see 2012 go because 12 is my favorite number (and I'm not such a fan of the number 13), but so far 2013 has been treating us just fine!

New Year's Day was also eventful, but not in the same fun way New Year's Eve was. We spent the day catching up on laundry (6 loads), putting away Christmas, and finally finding a home for all the new toys the kids got for Christmas!
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Rachel said...

We took Jillian to Discovery Gateway while we were in SLC and she loved it too!

Mom Lori said...

I like that Christus too, dear Corby. We are going to see the original in Denmark this summer when we go to pick up Jared from his mission in Sweden :)

We had fun celebrating with your family - WOOT!

Excited for 2013 - 13 has become my new lucky number because of all that is happening this year - Family trip to Disneyworld, Jason finishes Medical School and starts his residency, Kent retires, we move closer to family, Jared finishes his mission, Roger starts graduate school at the U - WOW