Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekend in Review

Last weekend:

*Corbyn and I finished up our cake pop snowmen. (We had been working on them during Peyton's naps for a few days.)

*We went to our new Spanish Fork Kneaders for the first time. (It's kind of dangerous for us to have one so close.)

*We watched Charlotte while Bill and Mariah went on a brunch date.

*I got my hair cut and went for a run in the Smith Field House.

*Rog and Corby went to Home Depot to get our new sink.

*KD and Phat Tony joined us for dinner - copycat Cafe Rio nachos.

*Rog went back to Home Depot to return the sink. (I didn't like the one he got and we found a deeper one that I did like for a better price online.)

*We subbed for one of the Sunbeam classes in Primary and got to teach two of our favorite cute neighbor girls (Lavi and Bailey).

*We braved the storm and went up to Salt Lake to have dinner with my Grandma Ford and Aunt Tracy.
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Rachel said...

Holy cow, you get a lot done in the weekend!! The cake pop snowmen turned out so cute!

Roger Phillips said...

Stupid sink!

Mom Lori said...

Nice update on your weekend - Sorry about the sink Rog :( Has the replacement sink arrived?

Love the photos :)