Friday, July 5, 2013

14 Months

Our little girl is 14 months old and boy does she have personality! This one is going to give us a run for our money!

PJ at 14 months:

*Climbs into everything.

*Will go down the stairs again - usually she turns around and goes down backwards, but she is starting to scoot down on her bum.

*Is the messiest eater! She insists on feeding herself and loves to dip her food. As soon as she's done she throws all her food on the ground. A lot of the time I give her 2 bibs in an attempt to keep her shirt clean.

*Likes to feed me her food.

*Loves to swing. As soon as she sees one, she runs to it and stands there until I put her in it.

*Loves her This is My Duck book and says quack quack whenever you ask her what a duck says.

*Says no, ball, shoe, and bye bye (while waving).

*Points to her belly and says Bee Bo whenever you ask her where her belly button is.

*Can throw a mean tantrum, but also gives the best hugs. She'll wrap her arms tight around you and not let go!

*She is working on cutting her 4 top middle teeth (finally) and wants to be held almost constantly. I hope they come through soon!
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tracy said...

Such a doll, however, she is going to give the boys a "run for their money", especially in a cape and with a Louisville Slugger!

The Goodrich's said...

I think my favorite picture is her climbing into the kiddie pool. Oh those rolls on her legs! So cute!!