Friday, July 5, 2013


We had a lot of firsts last weekend.

First visit to the Springville splash pad. We finally got over there to try it out after hearing great reviews. It has a river and is more spread out than Spanish Fork's - a lot like the one in St. George (although we like St. George's better).

First Sunday as a bishopric widow. We made it to church on time and made it through Sacrament pretty painlessly, so we'll call it a success.

This was my attempt to get ready in peace. It lasted about 5 minutes before Peyton was begging at my leg to be picked up (she doesn't really watch shows yet), but those 5 minutes were glorious.

First Waffle Love waffle. We were running errands close by and thought we'd try it out. It was pretty yum yum.

Peyton's first haircut. It was getting pretty long in back and I swore I wouldn't let her have a mullet. It was much harder on me than Corbyn's first haircut (because boys are supposed to have short hair). She cried through the whole thing and I felt like crying too. Hopefully this will give the top a chance to catch up to the bottom.

Corbyn's first time peeing in the dirt. He and Rog were checking on the progress of my parent's lot and he had to go. Rog was so excited to show me this picture when they got home. Apparently this is a rite of passage for boys.

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tracy said...

Hey, darlings are adorable!

If were a boy, i'd say let it long , TIDY pony tails are the in thing!

Love to all.

The Goodrich's said...

Haha! Yes, it is a rite of passage! But be careful because he'll think that is better than going in toilet and anytime you turn your back he'll run outside to pee in the grass (I'm speaking from personal experience)!

Mom Lori said...

Love the post and the photos :)