Friday, July 26, 2013

Camping and Jared's Homecoming Talk

Last Friday night we went camping at Palisade State Park with a family in our ward (the Jones). It was our first time camping since having kids and I think it was a success.

We set up our campsite and then went swimming in the reservoir. Corbyn didn't like the muddy bottom, but liked it when I put him in the tube and swam him to the floating dock. (Peyton did too.)

We roasted some hot dogs for the kids and warmed up chili for our walking tacos - with some guacamole and Costco's amazing salsa, it was the best camping dinner we've ever had!

Corbyn had fun climbing trees and exploring.

And Peyton was just her cute little self.

We put Peyton to bed in her pack 'n play when it started to get dark, but Corbyn got to stay up late to watch the Lorax with the older kids.

The Jones made an apple cake in their dutch oven. Rog filled up on that, but I saved room for a s'more. It just wouldn't be camping without at least one!

The kids slept through the night and didn't wake up too terribly early.

We cooked up some eggs and had breakfast burritos for breakfast.

Then we hit the reservoir again, but this time we rented a paddle boat. Corbyn loved the idea of being on a boat, but wasn't big enough to paddle. And Peyton was not a fan of the life jacket although she looked pretty adorable in it!

Peyton didn't get quite a full night of sleep, so even though it was much earlier than her normal nap time, she fell asleep in my arms (after screaming her head off for half the ride).

We let her get a little rest and then packed up our car to head to St. George.

We didn't do too much the rest of the day. We got pizza for dinner and just enjoyed being with the Jar. It was fun seeing him reunited with Cuddles.

{While we are happy that Cuddles survived Jared's mission, my parents are now looking for a new home for him. They don't want to move him into their new house - mostly because Corbyn and I are allergic to him. Anyone want a very old and lovable cat? We'd love for him to go somewhere close, so we could visit him.}

Sunday morning Jared gave his Homecoming talk. It was spectacular, but of course we didn't expect anything short of amazing from him. You would think it would have been an easier meeting with Rog sitting with us, but their ward has very few children, so it seemed like our children were very LOUD. (In our ward they just blend in with all the other children.)

We had a brunch after the meeting with a few different breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, streusel bites, a strawberry banana trifle, and orange juice.

The balloons my mom got for decorations were a huge hit with both kids. We put one under Peyton's dress and she thought that was about the funniest thing ever.

Peyton and Rog had a good Sunday nap while the rest of us played Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries. It was a close game, but I was victorious again with my dad as my partner.

And all too soon we were packing up the car to head back home again.
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The Goodrich's said...

Glad your camping trip was a success! Still wish we could have worked it out to come with you!

tracy said...

Love all the pictures and hearing about your adventures.....such fun!

Guess where the new "Cuddles Condo" is? Yay! :)