Wednesday, July 31, 2013

15 Months

PJ at 15 months:

*Says cho cho and gets so excited whenever she hears the train. She loves to watch it go by.

*Says thank you, dog, all gone, bonk, and baby.

*Points to her hair, eyes, ears, and mouth when you ask her to.

*Points to noses and makes a beeping noise.

*Is very good at finding the mouse in her That's Not My books. It is one of her most favorite things to do right now!

*Drinks her cereal milk.


*Gives things to Corbyn when we ask her to.

*Has her top lateral incisor teeth, but her central incisors are still working on coming in on the top. I thought Corbyn was a slow teether, but she has been even slower!

*Folds her arms and bows her head for prayers. We didn't even try to teach her this - she just picked it up from watching us!

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The Goodrich's said...

Those are the best pictures. She is so expressive!!

Christina Gomez said...

My favorite, she drinks her cereal milk! Too cute!