Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend, Baby!

Rog had his last Thursday night class, so Thursday suddenly went from being his long, dreaded day to being his short, easy day!

I broke down and finally went to see a doctor about my ankle. He said it is peroneal tendonitis which is exactly what I thought. He gave me insoles and recommended that I do physical therapy if it's not better in 4 weeks. I've redoubled my efforts with icing and NSAIDs. And I've been biking to keep up my fitness. Rog says I can't do physical therapy (because with our high deductible insurance plan, it would cost a fortune), so I better be back to running soon and not need it!

  Even though we hadn't seen it, we decided just to buy Frozen with a gift card we had for Best Buy. (We had been waiting for it to come to the Spanish Fork theater, but it didn't get there until the weekend before it came out. So we figured we'd save some money and just buy it because we knew we'd end up buying it in the end. And we were right - we love it!)

Saturday morning our ward had a primary activity about missionary work. The kids rotated around to different rooms to hear various members of the ward present about their missions. Rog presented about his mission to Louisiana and it was a big hit with the kids (mostly because he showed clips of Princess and the Frog and gave out beignets).

We had Stake Conference. I told Rog that Kelli (the other counselor's wife) and I should go sit by ourselves and let them take care of the kids for a change! (Joking of course!)

I finished my 3rd book of the year, Elizabeth Smart's My Story. I started reading it before my book club had settled on our next book and couldn't stop reading it! (At this pace I'm going to read way more than my goal of 7 books this year!)

It was interesting to read her whole story from start to finish. Living in Sandy at the time of her abduction I obviously heard a lot about it through the media, but this was much better. One of Elizabeth Smart's cousins, Sara Francom, was on dance company and cheer with me. And I was actually the one who got to tell her the good news that they had found Elizabeth. That afternoon we had a dance company practice and I guess I had gone somewhere between school and our practice and had heard about it on the radio. I remember walking into the studio and telling her, "They found your cousin! They found Elizabeth!"

Through the whole book I was so impressed with her hope, faith, and maturity. Obviously I would never want one of my children to have to go through something like this, but if they did I would want them to be able to respond like she did. I so love the advice her mom gave her just after coming home to put it all behind her and not let Brian David Mitchell steal another minute of her life. 


The Goodrich's said...

Justin came home begging me to make the beignets so I'll be trying those in the near future!

Also, I've heard the Elizabeth Smart story is good so I'll definitely need to read it now after your recommendation.

Thanks again for letting my kids play this morning!

tracy said...

"There is a house in New Orleans....."

That's so cool, your connection with Elizabeth's cousin and that you got to tell her the wonderful news!