Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mother's Day

The Saturday before Mother's Day I ran the Race for the Cure with my mom. It was a super rainy morning, but it wasn't too bad when we got running.

I finished in just over 27 minutes - not too bad considering it was my first time running 3 miles since I had Logan. Because of the rain, my dad, Rog, and the kids had gone up to GG's house. I waited for my mom at the finish line and then we met up with them.

That evening I got my flowers planted.

For our Mother's Day dinner I made French Dip SandwichesStuffed Potatoes, and Easy Lemon Cream Pie.

Diana came up with a cute idea for a Mother's Day gift for my mom. She loves caramel so we got her Leatherby's Caramel, Caramel Popcorn, Caramel Gelato, and Caramel Chocolates.

I made a little tag to go along with it.

The kids also got Grandma the movie, Paddington, because she loves bears!

I picked out my own gift from Rog and the kids - a cute tea towel and a mini heart whisk from Our Best Bites' shop.

It was a pretty chill day, but it was pretty perfect just spending time with these three cuties who made me a mom. 

No matter what we did it would would have been better than last year's Mother's Day!


tracy said...

That's great that you ran the race...if only I would let you inspire me more...I need all the help I can get!

For Mom's Day, someone should have made y o u dinner!

Cute photo!

Caught an episode of "Pioneer Woman" and thought of you.


PS Don't like the "Food Game, I'm not a Robot"...I always fail at least twice :)