Thursday, June 25, 2015

3 Months

Logan turned 3 months on June 18th. 

Logan at 3 months:

*Holds his head up very well.
*Loves to stand. He gets the biggest smile and is so proud of himself!
*Loves when we do the "Choo Choo Train" with his legs. (I'll have to take a video because it's hard to explain.)
*Squeals with delight.
*Brings his hands together.
*Is starting to play with toys that are in front of him.
*At night he usually wakes up about 6 hours after I put him to bed and then every 3 hours after that to eat.
*Is easy to put down for naps if I get him right when he's the perfect amount of tired. If I wait too long and he gets too tired, it's much more difficult. 
*Usually takes quick, power naps that are only 10-20 minutes long in his crib. His afternoon naps are typically a bit longer and if I'm desperate he'll nap longer in the swing.
*Has great endurance for crying when I try to make him cry it out.
*Sucks on his hand.
*Has the best smile - I like to call him Mr. Smiles.
*Just started wearing 3-6 month clothes - although some of his 3-6 month shorts are pretty long, so he's still wearing some of his 0-3 month shorts.

I feel like I spent the whole day taking pictures of him trying to get the perfect 3 month picture. I got a lot of cute pictures, but I never got that one perfect picture.

And now for some random pictures from the last month...

One day he had a blowout soon after Rog got home from work. Rog took him up to his room to change him and when he brought him back down, he realized he had dressed him in basically the same outfit I was wearing. 

He loves being able to sit up by himself in the Bumbo.

And he loves being able to stand by himself in the Jumperoo.

I never would have let Corbyn sleep like this on our bed... He must be the 3rd child.

It's so fun hearing him play with his car seat toy while I'm driving.

The other day I was telling Peyton she used to play with this toy when she was a baby and Corbyn asked if he did too. I had to tell him he didn't because I didn't know these toys existed when he was a baby. He was so sad!

He's growing up so fast! It's fun to watch him learn new things, but also sad to see the newborn stage go so soon! 


Mom Lori said...

LOVE the photos :)

Oh so very precious! Love that lil' guy <3