Monday, June 15, 2015


For Memorial Day Weekend we went to Colorado. McKenzie was graduating with her PhD in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University, so we all went to support her.

The graduation was at 4:00 on Friday, so we drove halfway Thursday night and stayed at a motel in Grand Junction. Then we got up and drove the rest of the way Friday morning.

The whole crew with Dr. Perez after the ceremony.

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. Corbyn and Peyton had fun playing with their cousins. And Rog was a super good sport to play with them. 

All the guys went shooting one afternoon.

We attempted a picture with all 10 grandkids... And this is the best we got.

After putting the kids to bed the adults had way too much fun playing Heads Up.

The Hobbs were on a cruise most of the time we were there, so we didn't get to see a lot of them. But they did come over for Sunday dinner.

On Monday we drove home. After splitting up the drive on the way there, it was a long day driving the whole way. We made a few necessary stops to get some wiggles out. 

And let Logan take a break from his car seat.

We hit some awesome traffic right before making it back to Spanish Fork. We should have realized we would since we hit the same traffic when we went to Moab for Memorial Day Weekend back in 2009

It was a fun weekend with the Phillips. Congratulations McKenzie!