Sunday, June 21, 2015

Seven on Sunday

1. I'm very picky when it comes to chocolate chip cookies and I've never been able to find a recipe for them that I love. Last Sunday I made these Peanut Butter S'more Cookies. They were great and I think if I made them with chocolate chips instead of Peanut Butter Cups and left off the marshmallows, I just might have the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe for me!

2. Ever since I made this frame to display my pins from our last Disneyland trip, I've wanted to frame pictures from our other Disney trips to go along with it. I finally ordered a frame and took the time to print off the pictures and cut and apply the vinyl. I can't believe it took me so long to get around to it because it probably only took about an hour to put the whole thing together!

3. On Wednesday while nursing Logan in the bathroom at Chick-fil-A (we were eating lunch there for Corbyn's birthday), I had my phone balanced on my knee and was reading. Logan knocked it onto the floor and my screen shattered. It's not so bad that I can't use it, but bad enough that I'll want to get it fixed before too long. I pretty much always balance my phone on my knee while nursing Logan and he's knocked it off before (and with my kids using my phone, it's probably been dropped thousands of times). It must have hit just the right way to cause it to shatter. Lame!

4. This week I rediscovered the joy of running through sprinklers. For probably the last 15 years (or more), I've always avoided getting wet from sprinklers. Wednesday night I was out on a run and saw some sprinklers ahead and decided what the heck?! I ran through them and couldn't stop smiling. Every run since then I've gone out of my way to run through any sprinklers I came across and I can't believe I ever avoided them!

5. This week we got a letter saying Peyton was accepted to the preschool at Rees Elementary (the elementary Corbyn will be attending Kindergarten at)! We had Corbyn tested for it last year and he didn't get in. I heard that it's easier to get them in at 3 instead of at 4 because less parents have their 3-year-olds tested and that must be true. I loved doing joy school with Corbyn, but it was a lot of work. I'm guessing Peyton will probably get more out of this preschool and it is free!

6. Friday was a picnic and water day. In the morning we went to the Springville Splash Pad with the Woods and Petrosinos and had a picnic lunch. Then that night we went to Seven Peaks with my parents and had a picnic dinner. It was a super hot day, so even Logan got in the kiddie pool at Seven Peaks for a few minutes to cool down. He didn't love it (especially when his brother and sister splashed him in the face), but he didn't hate it either.

7. On Saturday Rog took the kids to Aunt McKae's in-law's house in Mapleton to see some puppies. Corbyn wouldn't touch them because of his dog allergy, but Peyton loved it. She also got to ride a pony and thought that was pretty great. She talked about it the rest of the day!


Mom Lori said...

Enjoyed learning more about your week - I LOVE sprinklers when I'm hot and out for a run or even on a bike ride :)

Excited to see your new Disney Trips photos in person!

Cute photos :)

tracy said...

I tell you, you have a rider in the making there! Time to buy that pink riding helmut! (Yes, they have them!)

Love the pictures.