Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 Years

Corbyn had his 5 year checkup on July 21st.

His stats:

Weight: 43 pounds (65th percentile)
Height: 45 1/4 inches (90th percentile)

I know I've said this before, but seriously where did we get this tall kid? (Really I probably should be asking, how long will this last?!)

The Corb at 5 years:

*Knows his birthday and will proudly tell anyone who asks that it is June 17th!

*Has a great imagination!

*Will help himself to whatever snacks he wants. (Sometimes not my favorite thing when he fills up on granola bars and fruit snacks!)

*Asks a million questions while watching movies.

*Is a perfectionist. Recently this has been a problem because he wants to wipe his bum perfectly and will spend forever trying. (Someday he'll be appalled that I shared this, but it's one of those things we'll look back on and laugh about - although it's not terribly funny right now!)

*Has been a lot better about not fighting us when we have something new for dinner and will try most things now. BUT he will very rarely have a second serving of anything - even if he likes it and isn't full. I've been trying to give him bigger servings to get him filled up! 

*Has started taking showers and can pretty much do them all on his own.

*Knows he is allergic to cashews/pistachios and will ask if foods have them (if it's something he doesn't eat on a regular basis). He also knows he is allergic to dogs/cats and will stay away from them.

*Plays with his Legos in spurts. He'll not play with them for a few weeks and then we'll have weeks where he dumps them out all over his room to play with every single day! In addition to Legos, he likes the Avengers, Batman (though not nearly as much as he used to), and has recently gotten into Transformers.

*Prays that our house will be big and strong.

Whenever I get the chance to do something with just Corbyn (doesn't happen often!), I realize how grown up he is. He's not a baby or toddler anymore. He's a big kid who's going to be starting Kindergarten soon. He's going to get on the bus with Rhys and go to school without me. It seems like just yesterday he was my chubby 10 pound newborn baby! I blinked and now he is this big, capable kid who is kind, caring, and sensitive! He is a good kid and a good big brother. I am so proud of the boy he is becoming. We love our Corbyn! 


Roger Phillips said...

We really could not have asked for a better first child and big brother for PJ and Logan. This kid is sensitive, kind, and caring. I love this "little" dude!

tracy said...

You ate right, the time has gone so fast, you have a handsome little man! Love the last pic!

tracy said...

Umm, "are" right...however, you ate right too, look at you perfect shape! :)

Kimberly S said...

I hope I don't freak you out, since we don't know each other, but I've been reading your blog for a while (just can't remember how I came upon it). My oldest also turned 5 this year and is also allergic to cashews and pistachios. I'm curious if Corbin ever complains of symptoms with other foods? My son says his throat itches when he has grilled chicken (yet not fried...go figure), sometimes raspberries, and recently to peaches (even though he's had them before with no problems). I've never met another child that had an allergy to pistachios and cashews, as it's mostly peanuts or tree nuts. Just wondering what you guys have experienced. Thanks!

Mom Lori said...

I sure love Corby and have so many fond memories of our times together <3 I totally agree with you Roger, he is sensitive, kind and caring :) He is very loving too <3

Diana, Jason, and Blake said...

That picture of Corbyn in his superman attire and undies is awesome! And bonus- you will totally be able to use it as blackmail when he's a teenager! haha