Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Corbyn's Birthday: Family Party

I did a Lego theme for Corbyn's family party - mostly so I could use the cute ideas I found on Pinterest that I didn't want to do for his friend party (because let's be honest, a bunch of 3-6 year olds wouldn't have appreciated them, but the adults did).

Rog put together this Lego silverware holder for me. 

I used the banner I made for his friend party again, but put the 3 strings together and hung it in a better spot.

This Lego door came together in like 5 minutes. It was super fun - just a plastic tablecloth and paper plates.

For dinner we had hot dogs with homemade buns (because I can't eat the buns from the store anymore now that I know how much better the homemade ones taste)...

Jello Jigglers (in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue)...

Watermelon, chips...

And IBC Root Beer (so much more fun drinking root beer from the old fashioned bottles and only $.41 a bottle when you buy them at Costco).

For dessert we had dipped Oreos (Corbyn's favorite)...

And a Lego cake with edible Legos. (It's been awhile since I decorated a cake. I'd almost forgotten how much I love doing it!)

Corbyn organized his presents by type - Transformers, Avengers, and Batman.

It was a fun party. Thanks to all our family who came to help us celebrate our Corbyn boy!