Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Everyone always talks about how fun it is to dress sisters in matching outfits and I really hope our next (and last) kid is a girl, so I can experience that. But I'm learning it's pretty fun to dress brothers in matching outfits!

It's also a lot of fun to dress Logan in clothes Corbyn wore as a baby.

Corbyn on the left at 2 months, Logan on the right at 3 months.

I took Logan's 3 month pictures in the same outfit as Corbyn's 3 month pictures (and on the same blanket too). Logan is Corbyn's twin with red hair! It's crazy how much they look alike!

Corbyn on the left, Logan on the right.

And here's Peyton at 3 months... Pretty much just a girl version of the same baby.


Mom Lori said...

Oh my goodness - they really do look like twins!

Love the photos :)