Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday

1. On Tuesday I woke up to find that my phone said, No Service. I turned it off and on (which normally fixes the problem when that happens), but it still said, No Service. Hours later I finally made it over to AT&T and it's a long story, but apparently some genius at Customer Support had scheduled my phone number to be disconnected at the end of the month. (I had called at the beginning of the month about something else and they completely misunderstood my request.) It was a quick enough fix, but pretty annoying.

2. Logan has had a bit of a stuffy nose and a cough for a little over a week. On Tuesday he got a slight fever and was acting more tired/fussy than normal. With my phone issue I couldn't call to schedule an appointment, so I just kept a close eye on him. He was the same the next day, so I took him in. I'm glad I did because he had an ear infection! He's been great about letting me give him his medicine and is doing much better now. He likes to hold onto the dropper when I'm giving his medicine to him and then play with it for a few minutes after! 

3. On Wednesday we had dinner with my parents at Pizza Pie Cafe before they went to Oregon to visit Jared and Cailey for the holiday weekend. Peyton ate and ate and ate and ate like I hadn't fed her all day or something! When we got home she said her tummy hurt, but luckily she didn't throw up or anything. 

4. The Goodrichs came down from Heber to go to the splash pad yesterday, so we met them there. Corbyn and Peyton mostly just played together rather than playing with Stockton and Brynn (stinkers), but I had the best time talking to Megan! 

We hung out under her big umbrella with the babies and sweated it out, but at least we were protected from the sun. Logan was still not feeling his best, so we couldn't get a smile out of him. Here he is with Ivy who is 2 months older than him.

5. It's been consistently over 100 degrees here (and only a couple degrees cooler than St. George instead of the normal 10 degrees cooler). The only way to beat the heat is to play in the water. Wednesday was Seven Peaks, Thursday was the splash pad, and today was the Spanish Fork pool. (In this picture Corbyn had just gotten sunscreen in his eyes and thought he was going to die.)


Megan Goodrich said...

It was so great talking to you! So glad you could make it! Next time, maybe our kids will actually play together. ;)

Mom Lori said...

Nice work getting Logan to the doctor so quickly! Glad the medicine worked wonders!

Pizza Pie Cafe - Yum Yum!

Logan's got a cute lil' girlfriend :)