Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2016 Goals

Here is a review of our 2016 goals.


1. Read 24 books including 12 from Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2016 Reading Challenge. I read 25 books and read books from 9 of the 12 categories in the reading challenge. (See Fourth Quarter Reading.)

2. Run Ragnar So Cal. Done! And I'm dying to do another!

3. Spend time each Sunday studying the gospel in addition to my normal scripture study. I was doing well with this until about April and then life just got crazy and I never got back into the routine of doing it.

4. Go through our house as we pack and not move anything we don't need and/or love. I actually did a really good job at this. I did end up getting rid of a few things while I was unpacking and decorating, but I got rid of almost all of the stuff we didn't need/didn't love before we moved.

I was also going to focus on two words for the year, maintain and faith. Clearly I did a terrible job with the first word, maintain. I am so behind here on my blog and with our budget. 2017 is going to be my year to get caught up and then stay caught up! I did a much better job with the second word, faith. I am in a much better place mentally than where I was as 2016 was starting. 


1. Graduate with his MBA and MHA. Done.

2. Run Ragnar So Cal. Done.

3. Find a house in Oregon. Done

4. Read 4 fiction books. He read The Martian, The Count of Monte Cristo, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, and most of A Christmas Carol (finished in 2017). Clearly he was very concerned about this goal because I asked him about it a few nights ago and he couldn't think of a single book he read. 


1. Learn to count to 100. Done. And he also made great progress in reading.

2. Make new friends in Oregon. Yes! He really lucked out that there are two neighbor boys who live very close to us that are just a little younger than him (both in Kindergarten). Both of Sebastian's parents work, so he attends day care during the week, but they play most Saturdays. Emery rides the bus with him and they play almost every day after school. And they happened to both be Iron Man for Halloween!

He's also become friends with Kingston and Chayse Yates. They are in our ward and don't live too far from us. Kingston is in 2nd grade and Chayse is in Kindergarten, but he is just a few months younger than Corbyn and is in his class at church.

3. Learn to catch a baseball. Baseball didn't work out this year. It didn't start until the end of May in Utah, so he would have missed way too much for us to justify signing him up. And we were too late to sign him up here in Oregon. But he did play spring soccer in Utah and fall soccer in Oregon and made some improvement. We think baseball is more his kind of sport and we're excited for him to try it this year.

4. Learn to tie his own shoes. I forgot we made this goal for him and he didn't get shoes with shoelaces until the very end of the year. We're still working on it, but are confident he'll get it this year.


1. Learn to write her name. Done! So grateful for her awesome (free!) preschool at Rees Elementary.

2. Make new friends in Oregon. Unfortunately Peyton wasn't so lucky in the friend department. It's almost all boys where we live! Emery does have a sister, Kinley, who is 8 months younger than Peyton. They get along well enough. There are a couple girls her age in our ward, but they do not live close and it's a bit of a chore to set up play dates with them. Fortunately, Peyton doesn't seem to mind playing with Corbyn and the boys most of the time.

3. Learn to sleep in her own bed all night. She goes in spurts. She'll sleep in her own bed for awhile and then revert back to coming into our bed for awhile.

4. Learn to ride her bike without training wheels. Done!


1. Learn to sleep through the night. Done!

2. Learn to walk. Done! Seems like so long ago. It's crazy to think a year ago he wasn't walking!

3. Go to nursery without a fight. He had a hard time at first, but he loves it now.

4. Learn to talk. (At least a few words.) Done. Although we're hoping for a lot more words in 2017! And sentences too! 

Our family goals:

1. Make our wills. We didn't get this done, but we set aside some money and are going to finally do it in 2017!

2. Add clothing/supplies to our 72 hour kits. Nope. Another one we're going to have to knock off in 2017.

3. Plant a garden. We would have had to get on this right away when we moved here and that didn't happen, but I have big plans for a garden in 2017!

4. Go to the temple and go on a date once a month. Finally one I can say we did! We might have missed a month or two on one or the other, but we did pretty well considering this got a whole lot more difficult when we moved away from family.

We did pretty well with our individual goals, but bombed our family goals. Moving and getting settled in here took pretty much all our energy this year.


Roger Phillips said...

I think that 2016 was a great year for our family. Moving to Oregon was a big deal and we totally rocked it! That was mainly do to Big Chief Raindance and all of her work to make sure this family transitioned well.