Friday, May 27, 2011

I love to see the temple

On Wednesday night my parents watched Corbyn for us, so we could go to the temple. Pictures complements of the Jar who came with us.

I love the temple. President Monson talked about temples in his most recent conference address. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from his talk.
"Why are so many willing to give so much in order to receive the blessings of the temple? Those who understand the eternal blessings which come from the temple know that no sacrifice is too great, no price too heavy, no struggle too difficult in order to receive those blessings. There are never too many miles to travel, too many obstacles to overcome, or too much discomfort to endure. They understand that the saving ordinances received in the temple that permit us to someday return to our Heavenly Father in an eternal family relationship and to be endowed with blessing and power from on high are worth every sacrifice and every effort."
"The all-important and crowning blessings of membership in the Church are those blessings which we receive in the temples of God."
"As you and I go to the holy houses of God, as we remember the covenants we make within, we will be more able to bear every trial and to overcome each temptation. In this sacred sanctuary we will find peace; we will be renewed and fortified."
"Each [temple] stands as a beacon to the world, an expression of our testimony that God our Eternal Father, lives, that He desires to bless us and, indeed, to bless His sons and daughters of all generations. Each of our temples is an expression of our testimony that life beyond the grave is as real and as certain as is our life here on earth."
I know that we have the restored gospel here on the earth today. I know that because of the temple and the ordinances we make in the temple, our families can be forever, as long as we live up to the covenants we make there. I also know that because of our Savior's atonement, we can always repent and change if we have made mistakes. Let me repeat that - we can ALWAYS repent. It may not be easy, but there is a way provided for us. I am so grateful that I have this knowledge. I cannot even imagine how difficult this life would be without it.
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tracy said...

Those fountians are so beautiful...just like that couple!

Roger said...

Great blog

Mom Lori said...

Grateful my daughter has such a strong testimony!

Love you tons :)