Sunday, May 15, 2011


Corby has been working on learning how to walk. He practices with his walker and with anything that has wheels and he can push. He'll push his high chair around the kitchen and last Saturday he was walking around Macy's like this.
He takes steps with his right leg when he isn't holding onto anything, but not his left leg. Here is the pretty hilarious result - we call it his circle walk.
(He wore out one of his 6-9 month pajamas, so we bought him the 9-12 month pajamas he is wearing in this video to replace it. HUGE, I know! He fits in some 9-12 month clothes just fine, but some are still way too big.)
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Mom Lori said...

That is hilarious - hehe!

Good job getting a video of it :)

Rachel said...

Okay, seriously, that is hilarious! And, Roger is possibly the only person on this earth whose voice isn't totally annoying on video!

tracy said...

Love, love love the video!

Roger, you voice makes me miss you all more than ever!

Shauna, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blob!