Friday, May 20, 2011

Love this kid!

Corby loves being up on our counters. Maybe it's because he doesn't get to explore up there very often or maybe it's because he likes to be up on the same level as us. Whatever the reason, if nothing else will make Sir Whine A Lot go away, putting him up on the counter is always sure to do the trick! Obviously it's not the safest place for him to play, so I make sure to watch him very closely when he's up there.
Testing out all the bottle nipples.
Making sure those teeth are extra clean.
Oh this kid cracks me up! Love him!
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Roger said...

He is so cool.

Mom Lori said...

He he - Sir Whine A Lot - hilarious :)

Bet you love Corby sucking on your toothbrushes!

Absolutely love the photo of Corby testing out the bottle nipples :)

tracy said...

i love the nickname too! :)

That pic with the toothbrushes is too many does he have?