Friday, November 18, 2011

17 Months

I can't believe our little dude is one month away from being 18 months! Where does the time go?!
The Corb at 17 months.
*Scoots down the stairs on his bum instead of turning around. When he does turn around he just flies down them. And to think he used to be scared to death of the stairs!
*Plays with cars and makes beep beep and vroom noises.
*Had a scab between his eyebrows for a good solid 2 weeks (as you might have noticed). What's funny about it is that it had almost completely healed and then he got another scab in the exact same spot.
*Notices airplanes and helicopters in the sky and points to them in awe.
*Jibber jabbers more than ever before. We can't understand most of what he says, but he looks at us like he knows exactly what he's saying. Says there when I ask him where something is and he points to it in a book.
*Has gotten really good at putting our shoes on and walking around. They're on the correct feet and everything.
*Throws things away when we give him something and tell him to throw it away. Our only problem is he also throws things away that shouldn't be thrown away.
*Has gotten really good at pointing out the mouse in his "That's not my" books.
*Rides his push toy, but he prefers to ride his dump truck (that isn't meant to be ridden).
*Turns around in circles.
*Talks on his toy cell phones, combs his hair, and mimiks other things we do.
*Will look at the camera and smile when we tell him to - sometimes.
*Folds his arms when we tell him it's time to pray before bed. He'll do it sometimes when we're saying our dinner prayer, but that's not as consistent.
*Gestures for us to come here when he wants us to go somewhere.
*Does somersaults. I read somewhere that most toddlers aren't able to do somersaults or other tricks like that until they are 2 years old. He's definitely a mover not a talker.
*Loves to play with other kids. Most weeks we take him to nursery because he knows where it is and wants to go. Usually we stay with him because he technically isn't old enough to be in there, but we've left him a few times and he's done great - a lot better than some kids who are 18 months and older. Yesterday I left him with one of my visiting teachers while I went to a baby checkup. She has 3 kids and Corby had the best time playing with them. He cried when I came to pick him up instead of when I left him.
Oh my, this little boy keeps me busy all day long. I can hardly get anything done because he always wants to be entertained and is constantly making messes. He's such a busy busy boy, but he can also be pretty sweet sometimes. We love him so much!
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Mom Lori said...

He's even cuter in person - hehe :)