Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My parents came up for the weekend because they most likely won't see us again until December. Friday afternoon I had to go up to Rog's work to get my flu shot. They came up with me and watched Corby while I got the shot. Then we did some errands in Orem/Provo while we waited for Rog to get off work.
First we went to an AT&T store to see about getting my iphone fixed. I accidentally dropped it in the toilet and after spending a few days in rice, it worked fine. But then the backlight went out. They said it wouldn't be worth it to fix it, so we decided to explore other options. It randomly started working again on Saturday and has been working ever since. But we aren't very hopeful that it will continue to work. Lesson learned, don't put your iphone in your backpocket.
After that we went to the Cotton Shop. My mom followed Corby around and cleaned up after him while I picked out fabric for the Christmas stockings I am making. I had attempted this on Thursday, but it was completely impossible to watch our little busy beaver and try to pick out fabric without help.

And then we met up with Rog at Applebees for dinner.
On Saturday we drove up to Salt Lake to spend the day with my parents and my Grandma Ford.
While Corby took his nap, we went to look at our pictures from our photo shoot the previous weekend. While we were waiting, we flipped through a book they had sitting on the table and look what we saw...
...Pictures from OUR wedding! I knew there was a possibility of them using our pictures for promotional stuff because you have to sign something saying it's ok, but I never dreamed they would actually pick us. Pretty cool. By the way, we love the pictures they took of our family. They are going to be emailing me 3 of the pictures, so I'll post those when I get them.
The rest of the day we just hung out and relaxed.
Corby played in the snow for the first time.

And Rog took him sledding for the first time.
I won't say he loved it, but maybe when we get him some actual winter clothes (a coat, gloves, snow pants, and boots), he'll like it more.
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Mom Lori said...

Taking Corby to the Fabric Shop was definitely a "two woman" job! He especially loved carting spools of thread and cones of thread around the store. It was a full-time job cleaning up after him - but I had fun :)

Not sure Corby is a fan of snow yet :( He had more fun when we got back to the cleared parking lot! He did seem to like shoveling snow, however.

Not looking forward to being childless and grandchildless for the rest of the month and into December :(

Roger said...

Corby had more fun shoveling the snow, then sledding. I have a feeling that will change in the future.

Edda Phillips said...

Love that look of terror on his face coming down the hill. :)

Rachel said...

SNOW!!! It's too early for snow. You should definitely move here.

La Familia Pearson said...

Actually, I'm a little jealous of your snow...we still had to have AC on yesterday! :)
Corby is so cute! Looks like you're all having fun.

Emily said...

I know I'm mean but him crying in the sledding picture is hilarious! You always have such fun and eventful weekends- I'm jealous!! Can't wait to see what your stockings turned out to look like!