Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre Thanksgiving Happenings

We are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving in Colorado with all of Roger's family, but before I get to that, I need to post about some recent happenings.
Last Friday Corby got his second haircut - first haircut in a salon. It was getting very long all over and I had a coupon to Super Cuts, so I decided to take him. I was worried he wouldn't do very well, but he was a perfect angel. He sat in the chair all by himself, didn't squirm too much, and even let her use the clippers to trim the edges.
On Saturday we had our first real snow in Spanish Fork. (Before it was just in Salt Lake.) Corby got to try out his new snow gear with his friend Carver.
He wasn't the hugest fan, but I'm sure it will grow on him. Rog built a snowman that lasted about 30 minutes before it was knocked over by some of the neighborhood kids.
That day my mom got a ride up to Spanish Fork from my grandparents who were coming home from Palm Springs. I convinced her to come watch Corbyn during the last home game of the season, so we could both go. (She wasn't hard to convince - it was really my dad that needed the convincing.)
Before the game, in leu of a tailgate, we went to J Dawgs.
Bill decided to do pushups with the ROTC when BYU scored. He ended up doing A LOT because we played New Mexico State and beat them 42-7.
Because it was the last home game of the season, I made sure we got our cougar tail (long maple donut) and took a picture of us with Bill and Mariah. We stayed until the bitter (cold - it was freezing) end as you can see from the empty stands.
My mom stayed with us until Wednesday when we left for Colorado. My dad picked her up on his way to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving. She was an IMMENSE help in getting everything ready for our trip. Thanks dad for giving up your wife for a few days and thanks mom for all your help in taking care of Corbyn!
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Mom Lori said...

Thanks for inviting me to spend a few days with you - I really enjoyed it!

Corby even sat on my lap a couple of times which was a real treat for Grandma Lori :)