Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Decorations

October is a fun month to decorate for. Throughout most of the year, my decorations are contained to my table, my shadow box, and my plate rack, but in October, November, and December they start to spread out from those areas.
My table. New this year - the frankenstein lantern and the cat plate. Well, the cat plate is new to the table this year. Last year it was on my plate rack, but when 2 out of the 4 plates broke last year, I had to get new plates this year. So I found easels for the 2 that made it. The cat got to go on the table...
And frankenstein got to go in the kitchen.
Apparently I am a fan of frankenstein... Who knew?
My shadow box.
And my new plates this year. Conveniently I was able to use the orange plates from August to back them.
My pumpkin patch expanded from last year.
And this cute pillow I found at Tai Pan.
I also had my BOO blocks up and a few other random things. I'm kind of sad to have to take everything down tomorrow, but Thanksgiving is fun to decorate for too.
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Mom Lori said...

Looks so cute it's SCARY!

Emily said...

Darling as always! Wish I could have complimented you on it in person :) I like your newest additions!

Martha anne said...

I am still always jealous of you home sign! I just love it, when I get a place big enough I will hunt for on like that to craft!