Thursday, November 3, 2011


This last weekend was pretty eventful. Friday afternoon we took family pictures up at the Temple Quarry. We had a free sitting from the photographers who did our wedding, so we decided to get some pictures done as a family of 3. {I don't know how many we'll be purchasing and how many we'll get in a digital format (because they'll likely be pretty pricey), but I know we'll get at least one I can use to make our Christmas card. So I'll post that when I have it.} We had pizza with my Grandma Ford before making the drive to Vernal.
In the morning we took turns doing initiatory work in the Vernal temple. It was the LAST temple we had to visit in Utah - now we have been to ALL the temples in Utah! WOOT! At least until Brigham City, Payson, and the Provo Tabernacle temples are finished...
After that we took Corby to one of the many dinosaur museums they have in Vernal.
There were lots of hands-on activities for kids.
Dinosaur books... to read upside down.
Dinosaur figurines. (He loved them. They're probably pretty high on his Christmas Wish List... But don't everyone get him some or we'll have way too many!)
Dinosaur bones to find.
And of course lots of dinosaurs to take pictures with.

But of course his favorite part was the gift shop. We came home with a dino bouncy ball which he loves. (That's what he's about to throw in the picture of me and him with the dinosaur outside.)
Then we hit up Subway and made the drive home. It was a quick, but fun trip. And now we can finally cross that New Year's Resolution off our list!
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Mom Lori said...

I want to come too :(

Looks like he got a dinosaur shirt too - or did he bring that with him?

Nice work on your New Year's Resolution!

tracy said...

i love the pic of Corby with the T-Rex, is it? He looks so snack sized!

Must have been kind of hard on you, being that you don't believe in dino's! ;)