Friday, February 24, 2012

20 Months

The Corb at 20 months:
*Knows pretty much all of his body parts and will point to them if you ask where they are.
*Knows a ton of animals and will point to them in his books.
*Loves riding escalators. If we ride one, he won't let us just go up or down, we have to go up, down, up, down, up, and down over and over until we drag him away.
*Got one new tooth this month. Now he has 12 - 6 on top and 6 on the bottom.
*Gets so so so frustrated with the vacuum. If we ever try to vacuum while he is around, he insists on playing with it, but it makes him so mad that he can't make it do what he wants. So now we have to do all our vacuuming while he is asleep at night or when he's not around.
*Is totally and completely obsessed with all things Buzz and Toy Story. He says Buzz all day long which means he wants to watch Buzz (or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an acceptable alternative). Or he also says it when he sees anything Toy Story. For awhile he was also saying Woody, but for the most part he just says Buzz. He sleeps with his Buzz and Woody figurines and carries them around everywhere. When we lost the original ones we got at Disneyland, we had to replace them. I'm trying to get him more into coloring, so I found these free coloring pages - it kind of worked, but for the most part he just loves looking at them and saying Buzz over and over!
*I really have a hard time getting him to drink enough. It seems to help a little if I rotate his cups - sippy, straw, tupperware cups with lids, and if I'm feeling brave I let him drink out of my cup. But I still feel like he doesn't get enough liquid in him!
*Is fascinated with lights. He likes it when I turn them off and on when he points to them.
*Likes playing with bubbles.
*Can twist open lids and zip/unzip zippers.
*Has a few apps on my phone that he really likes.
*Swings in the big boy swing.
*Pretty much all his pants are floods on him now. But they'll just have to do until spring when he can start wearing shorts because I'm not buying more!
*Says Buzz, up, duck, bubbles, pop, baby, and bus. Roger insists he says help me, but I'm not so convinced because it sounds a lot like mommy to me. And sometimes it sounds like he asks questions like where's that, what's that, or where'd it go?
*If he's hungry, he'll just climb up and help himself to his snacks.
*Is really good at his matching animal fridge toy.
*Has very strong opinions about what books we should read. If he doesn't want to read the book you are reading at the moment, he'll close it on you and insist on another one.
*Likes building towers with his blocks. (Excuse the naked picture... Every time we would pull out the camera he would decide he was done. We finally got a few after bath time one night.)
*Claps when you say "clap your hands" or sing "If you're happy and you know it..."
*Loves watching slideshows of pictures of himself (in iPhoto).
*Likes to have his washcloth on his back and pretend he is a turtle in the bath.
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tracy said...

Pretending he's a turtle...! i love it! Hi "Bufurda"!

The bubble picture is amazing...very good!

The escalator story is hilarous! Probably not fun for you, but i can just imagine the scene.

xoxo, tracy

Mom Lori said...

Corby - you need to show me all your new tricks!