Friday, February 3, 2012

Christmas in January

There are so many great Christmas crafts to do, but never enough time before Christmas to get them done. I figured I would do these now, so they'll be ready for next year. It's kind of hard finishing a project and then immediately putting it in the Christmas box, but it will be fun to pull them out next year.
This nativity I bought in September of 2010. No joke.
I bought this block tree in 2011 (in October I think), so not quite as bad... I normally stick to the traditional red and green for my Christmas decorations, but I had this paper set and I thought it would be cute, so I decided to be a little crazy!
I still have one wood craft to do and of course our stockings and a board to hang those stocking on. Perhaps I will have Christmas in February as well!
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Mom Lori said...

Good idea to make things for the Christmas Season early in the year. Things get too crazy around December :)

Nice job by the way!

tracy said...

Cute Nativity scene...where's the Baby jesus...did the Corb eat him? :)

tracy said...

Hee, i just checked the's just about ready after 30 min...good thing i had the sause ready...!

Gah, where did i go wrong? i never claimed to be a cook!

xoxo, tracy

tracy said...

Hey, where are you?

Shauna said...

Sorry Tracy! I'm not very good at responding to comments on here because I usually check them from my phone. We want to come see you soon! We could come this Sunday. Next weekend (February 17-21) we will be in St. George visiting my parents.