Wednesday, February 15, 2012

72 Hour Kits

A few years ago our BYU married student ward did an activity where we assembled 72 hour kits. They provided everything except for the backpacks to store them in. We knew they seriously needed some updating because pretty much everything in them expired a long time ago! We were just going to open them up and replace the expried items with new fresh items, but looking through them, I didn't think we would actually want to eat most of the stuff in them. So I did some searching on Pinterest and found some helpful blogs that listed different food items that would be good for 72 hour kits. (I would link you to those blogs, but I didn't keep them and I don't feel like going through and finding them again. Sorry.)
Using those blogs I made a 3 day meal plan that includes food we will actually eat. I made a spreadsheet where I listed the expiration dates for everything. My plan is to go through and replace the foods that are nearing their expiration dates each General Conference weekend. Using this method we will always have 72 hour kits that are stocked with food we will eat (that isn't expired). And we won't be wasting because we can eat the food that is about to expire as part of our regular meals and snacks.
I took a picture of Corbyn's packet for each day. With the exception of one or two items his food is exactly the same as ours.

We still need to purchase a fire extinguisher and a water purifier, but with this project done I feel so much more prepared for an emergency!
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tracy said...

i really liked seeing your new Preparedness kits...nice job!

You will need them when the Apocolypse (sp?) comes in December or for the "Hunger Games" or whem Zombies attack! ;)

Mom Lori said...

I am totally impressed!

Way to be prepared!

Rachel said...

Oh man, guilt trip. I'm pretty sure we have 72 hour kits, somewhere... But I have no clue what's in them and since they're from 2008 we have nothing for Jilly. You have inspired me!