Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Out

Last week was a pretty good one, but by Friday I was in the mood to get out and do something out of the ordinary with Corbyn. We don't have very much stuff close to us - the zoo and Discovery Gateway are all the way up in Salt Lake, the aquarium is in Sandy, and even Thanksgiving Point is still pretty far away being in Lehi. The closest stuff is in Provo or Orem which is still a pretty decent drive.
I'm always afraid to take Corbyn anywhere before his nap because I run the risk of him falling asleep too early on the way there (and then not taking another nap the whole day). And if he falls asleep on the way home, I'm not always able to successfully transfer him to his crib. But if I wait until after nap time, the day is pretty much done.
I decided to risk it and take him to the Petco in Orem in the morning. We'd been there before, but this time he was much more excited to see the birdies and especially the fish. (We also saw reptiles, small mammals, cats, and dogs.)
After that we visited dad at work and had lunch with him.
While we were there, Corbyn had to test out the basketball hoop on the back of Rog's door (a Christmas present from KD) multiple times.
He did fall asleep on the way home, but this time I was lucky and the transfer to his crib was a success!
Saturday afternoon we went to the BYU basketball game with Bill and Mariah. We played Pepperdine and beat them 86-48. It was a fun game to be at because for most of the game our score was double theirs. We tried many many times to get a good picture, but Corbyn was completely distracted by the game. This one isn't very good, but it's the best we got.
After the game we ate at Zupas because Mariah had never been before and Bill insisted he didn't like it. It's one of our favorite restaurants, so we had to change his opinion. This time he ordered something different and liked it, so I'd say we were successful in our mission.
I love staying home with my little guy, but it's always nice to get out and do things that are a little out of the ordinary. It was a fun weekend!


Mom Lori said...

Looks like a fun outing and a fun basketball game - Did you get any nosebleeds up there?

Glad Bill is converted to Zupas!

Rachel said...

I was just thinking today that Jilly would love going to a pet store to see the animals. We'll have to do that soon!

McKae Gonzalez said...

Awesome basketball hoop ;) Glad Corby enjoyed it, too!