Sunday, February 26, 2012

President's Day

We went down to St. George for President's Day weekend. Corbyn picked up a cold while we were there and then gave it to me just in time to come back to reality. We had a few rough days (where Corby watched WAY more Toy Story and Mickey Mouse than I care to admit), but we're mostly all better now.
While we were down there we:
*Played Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries.
*Fed the ducks (or tried to feed the ducks). They rejected the cereal we were trying to feed them for the most part.
*Used my Kohl's cash (from buying my KitchenAid mixer) to buy Corbyn's entire spring/summer wardrobe and some stuff for Peyton as well.
*Went shopping for fabric for Peyton's quilt. Corbyn got stuck while exploring. (Grandma Lori took a picture before he really started to freak out!)
*Enjoyed missing a storm up north.
*Ate out a few times. Once at Village Inn (I ordered their multigrain pancakes because I was trying to be good and I learned that they are so so good - I'll probably order them from now on!) and once at Chili's. We let Corbyn watch YouTube videos on my phone to keep him from trying to climb out of the high chair.
*Went on a date to see the Vow. I loved it, Rog tolerated it. :)
*Celebrated Mardi Gras by making beignets. The kitchen was pretty cold, so they didn't rise enough, but they were still pretty good.
*Made this delicious soup for Sunday dinner.
*Watched Corbyn explore. (We stayed at my grandma's house down there because Corbyn seems to have developed an allergy to Cuddles.) His favorites were the magnet board...
And the phone in the office.
*Golfed. Well, Rog and my dad did.
*Hung out with David Archuleta. (My mom won a cardboard cutout of him. LOL.)
*Visited Roger's 2nd Mission President and grandparents.
*Enjoyed warm walks.
It was a great trip even if we had to get sick at the end!
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Mom Lori said...

Thanks for coming to visit us in sunny Saint George :)

We love being with you!