Thursday, March 22, 2012

21 Months

Our little Corb turned 21 months on St. Patty's Day! It's hard to believe he is only 3 months away from being 2!
The Corb at 21 months:
*Says oh no, me, mine, yes, and banana.
*Hates having his hands messy. For a week or so, he was in the bad habit of wiping his hands off in his hair, on his face, or on his shirt. I guess he figured out that wasn't much better, so he stopped doing that - thank goodness!
*Moos like a cow and occasionally bahs like a sheep, ribbits like a frog, and clucks like a chicken.
*Likes to climb around like a monkey on his changing table (that is still in his room only because that's where we store a lot of his stuff).
*Is doing so well with sacrament meeting and nursery. If we sit up front in the pews, he'll stay in the whole time and just color/play with his toys. And then after sacrament meeting is over he'll go straight to nursery and stay there the whole time without crying. WOOT!
*Answers no to most questions we ask him. Not very helpful when we're asking him if he wants to eat something, etc, but it does make for some cute book reading when the answer is supposed to be no most of the time.
*Sword fights with everything. 100% little boy!
*Loves playing at the park and has no fear of going down the slide by himself and climbing everything!
*Takes a cup of water (with a lid) to bed. I know this probably won't be very good for potty training, but I don't anticipate that being too soon and because we have such a hard time getting him to drink, I don't want to discourage him from drinking when he'll do it!
*Likes to sit in the front seat of our cars and explore/push all the buttons.
*While we are reading to him, he'll touch the little bugs in his books and say ouch like they bit him or something. (I seriously need to get this on video! It is so cute!)
*Will help me pick up toys or clean up.
*Can walk up and down the stairs without holding onto anything.
*Likes to watercolor in the bathtub and color pictures.
*Loves to jump off the curb.

He's definitely our little mover and shaker. Love our little guy!
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Mom Lori said...

What a handsome lil' 21 month old you've got there!

I witnessed the slide trick first hand and we're talkin' a very BIG slide!

Did you show Corby his painted face before you washed it off?

I especially liked the video - very precious :)

Roger said...

Be careful sword fighting with him, he aims for fingers.

tracy said...

"Five lazy frogs in his bed...?

Gotta love it!